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39 Columbia Park, Gibson Rd, Kenilworth Cape Town , Western Cape, South Africa
Definition of a Psychic :- A 'Gifted Psychic, as I do, assists with what you cannot see for yourself." Your way forward in life, when you have no answers yourself. And this proves over time once you leave an appointment to come true for you. This provided you also use your logic to promote the prediction. Your relationships, career, work, love unity, family interactions, possible migrations, travels, health, ambitions actualised to come true. The Definition of a "coach" - A teacher. I am not a teacher of your life, I am a Psychic Medium Clairvoyant.truly reading your life without your information upfront. Only your full name on booking is required. Comment from a past client: Journalist Reporter USA 2017: "Accurate Psychic Patsy Johnson is 'A Top Psychic Clairvoyant in Cape Town South Africa, found on my travels'

Thursday, December 28, 2023